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Home Theater and Home Automation

                                                               Options for Everyone...

Whether you are looking to connect a single component to your TV, set up an entire surround sound system, listen to music in multiple rooms, or have the ability to control your home lighting, temperature, and shades with your mobile device, Integrated Audio Solutions is the company you can depend on to provide you with professional worry free home theater and home automation installation services.

Save Time and Money

Integrated Audio Solutions also offers a full line of audio and video products from the manufactures you know and trust at low prices. Our technicians can provide you with a complete package that will accurately accommodate your needs without the hassle of having to drive out to the electronics store.

Get FREE HD Channels

Join the millions of people who are eliminating their satellite and cable bills with an HD antenna! With our new HD outdoor and indoor antennas, you can get all your local TV channels in stunning HD quality for free! No contracts, no commitments, no monthly fees...just free HDTV.

Families all across America are turning to our antennas and receiving their favorite shows from networks like NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, RTV, THIS TV, ION, ME TV, THE WEATHER CHANNEL and dozens more for free! Yes, this includes your local news, weather, sports, movies and much MORE.

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Improve the Cellular Signal in your Home or Office

There are 350 million cell phones in use across the United States in which 80% of use occurs inside a building. In a recent study conducted by the FCC, it states that 78% of cellular users experience connectivity problems. Your surrounding conditions may have an effect on your cellular signal causing problems such as dropped calls, limited range, slow data rates or even worse no signal at all. Some of the most common reasons for a weak signal are caused by:

Building Materials
Radiant barrier insulation, chicken wire and stucco walls, metal studs and roofs, concrete walls and low E windows can all block signal.

Distance from Tower
The farther away cellular devices are from the tower, the weaker the signal will be. The result is slower data speeds and connectivity problems.

Natural Obstructions
Mountains, hills, valleys, foliage and other natural obstructions can block and/or weaken cellular signals.

By having a cellular signal booster professionally installed in your home or office, you will be able to use cellular devices in previously dead areas, eliminate dropped calls, and obtain faster data speeds. For a FREE on-site survey, click here or call us at 603.553.9822.